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/ɒptɪməm/ -noun, adjective

“most conducive to a favourable outcome; best.”

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We’re More Than A Non-Medical Help Provider.

We support students across the UK, providing access to knowledge and developing models of good practice.

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Experts In Mental Health and Neurodiversity Experts In Mental Health and Neurodiversity
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What we do?

We work together to create individually tailored support that we are proud of for people we believe in.

DSA Funded Support

DSA Funded Support

We believe when students are in charge of their own learning, they feel a sense of belonging—education than becomes a space defined by them and allows their voices to be heard and lived experiences acknowledged. The triumphs and the lessons are their own.

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We support students across the UK .

We believe giving students choices and making learning happen the way they learn best promotes awareness and independence.

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We are here- supporting you all the way.

Empowered students can consider varied perspectives, negotiate with others, think independently, make their own decisions thoughtfully and act on that knowledge.

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Create individually tailored support that you are proud of for people you believe in.

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Diagnostic Assessments

Recommendations that are bespoke, relevant and useful to the individual in their future learning.

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Assistive Technology Training

Bespoke training - Transforming the way you learn

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Apprentice Learning Support

Access to Study Skills and Mental Health Support

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I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to receive specialist mentoring because of the wonderful personalised support that has helped me get through university
Some days I’ve been feeling down, but after my session I leave feeling infinitely better because it’s an outlet for whatever’s on my mind and my mentor’s warmth and enthusiasm is really uplifting.
Cansu T, Zoology Student
I have massively benefitted from the help that my mentor has offered
and she has really helped me be the best I can be during a crazy four years of uni!
Laura D - BA French & Spanish
Laura D
With the help of my mentor I have done things I didn't think I'd be able to
like present a poster at a conference, and now, I am a PhD student and the happiest I've ever been.
Oliver B - Phd Student
I can’t stress enough how much Specialist Mentoring had a positive impact on my university experience
Mentoring taught me so much: how to manage my time better, how to revise efficiently, and most importantly, how to cope with my anxiety on a day-to-day basis. Specialist Mentoring made my university experience a positive one, and I don’t think I would be the person I am today without it.
Sara G - MA Sports Journalism
Sarah G
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